MultiSignes has published several dictionaries with the aim of facilitating communication with deaf signers.

-Basic Catalan Sign Language Vocabulary for the Public Administration (LSC), in CD format (2008): A tool designed for Public Administration. The dictionary is edited taking into account both deaf and hearing people. It contains the general and specific vocabulary used in customer service. It is available as an interactive CD. Consultations are quick, and since they are visual, learning is simple. The user only has to click on the word he wants to consult. A video shows you the position of the hands, facial expression and the movement of the hands and arms to sign correctly.

-International Sign Language Dictionary, on CD-ROM (2009), with Catalan-Spanish-English translations.

-Basic Spanish Sign Language (LSE) Dictionary, on CD-ROM (2010), with basic vocabulary, and specific vocabulary for the Public Administration.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these publications, please let us know.