Documentaries produced by us

  • 50 anys d’Empuriabrava (50 years of Empuriabrava) (2017)

On 26th June, 2017, Empuriabrava celebrated its 50th anniversary. During the 1960’s, the Marquis of Sant Mori had a vision. Together with Miquel Arpa and Ferran de Vilallonga, they proposed building a residential marina in Empordà. They were the pioneers of this great project.

In this documentary, several protagonists tell us the history and singularities of Empuriabrava, and the curious characteristics that made it a unique project, such as its own architecture, the airfield, the parachuting school, the large volume of international tourists, the surrounding wetlands, and so forth.

After enjoying great popularity, Empuriabrava took advantage of its anniversary to reflect upon the challenges of the XXI Century and work upon a modern and globalized Empuriabrava. With its 24 kilometres of navigable canals, Empuriabrava has become the largest residential marina in Europe, and continues to be one of the most outstanding elements of the Costa Brava.

  • 5-2=7 SordCeguesa (5-2=7 Deaf-Blind) (2019)

This is a social documentary submerged in the world of the deaf-blind, a very little known sensory disability, but one that affects more than 3000 people in Catalonia.

What are their stories? How do they see the world? How do they overcome communication barriers? In 5-2=7, we submerge ourselves in the deaf-blind experience through those that live with this disability daily; not only the sufferers themselves, but also their families, carers and other professionals. Our goal is to inspire everybody to become aware of this condition and understand their daily struggle living in a world of silence and darkness.

MultiSignes counts upon the audiovisual services of Anhel Productions, their own company, for the production of documentaries.