We subtitle all kinds of pre-recorded audiovisual products such as films, documentaries, series, television programmes, international films, corporate videos, training videos, etc. We also subtitle live TV programmes, as well as public or private events.

We work with different languages of origin and destination and we can subtitle your product in the language you need.

Subtitling also increases the circulation of your videos. While surfing the Internet, we tend to play videos in silence on our phones or tablet. If your video has subtitles, then it will reach many more people.

We also do subtitling for deaf people or those with hearing impairments, in accordance with the UNE 153010:2003 European Guidelines.

We deliver your subtitles in the file format you require for television, the Internet (YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, Netflix…), DVD, CD, Blu-Ray, and DCP.

We can also deliver the subtitles file synchronized with the video, or we can imbed the subtitles in the image and deliver the finished product.

Simply tell us what you need.